About Us

Real prep. Real results.
Real Prep. Real Results.
What happens when you treat test prep as preparation for college and life, teaching students real skills in math and language instead of short-term tricks and shortcuts?

What happens when you leave behind the one-size-fits-all approach to the SAT, and instead offer dozens of different classes, approaches, and levels among which students and parents can choose?

What happens when an experienced counselor meets face-to-face with every prospective student, getting to know their academic dreams and individual learning style, and builds an individualized plan for reaching those goals and dreams from the very start? 

Amazing things happen. Since 2011 Summa has helped 36 students reach a perfect “2400” SAT score, and the Summa team has helped thousands reach their college dreams by offering sound advice and guidance through the college planning and admissions process. Give us a call to schedule a free one-on-one counseling session to help us plan a strategy to reach your SAT and college goals.