048731097de322302aff7e52151c991d LBy following a few simple principles, Summa has assisted over 33 students reach a perfect “2400” SAT score since 2011, and the Summa team has helped thousands reach their college dreams.

What are Summa's founding principles?

  • The SAT is only one component of college prep and planning.
  • Teach concepts and ways of thinking, not test-taking tricks or short-term strategies.
  • Take a holistic approach, incorporating larger college goals and counseling into SAT prep.
  • Make SAT prep as streamlined as possible. Too much study for the SAT can be as harmful as too little. Students have academic and emotional lives that matter more than any score. 
  • Recognize that one size does not fit all. Different students need different approaches to the SAT and college planning. Work only with those students who are personally motivated. We are a great fit for good students; unmotivated students will not make the same progress. 
  • Hire only the best teachers, ideally those with extensive college classroom or AP classroom experience. College students, no matter how prestigious their college, are students, not teachers. 
  • Make learning fun, exciting, and relevant to larger goals. 
  • Help students and families with good advice and counseling. 
  • Offer honest, ethical and expert advice concerning college financial aid.