"Something I really liked about Winter Boot Camp were the people; from the hardworking students to enthusiastic teachers willing to do push-ups for 800 scores, my experience at Summa was both fun-filled and memorable (and even more so when you factor out the test-taking part itself!). Getting a 2400 on the January SAT was something I did not really imagine would happen, but nevertheless, was a pretty exciting achievement that I want to thank Summa for helping me reach."

Summa Alum Frank Zhu

"I cannot thank Summa Education enough for their efforts in helping me achieve my goals. From SAT to college applications, Summa has been with me throughout my high school career. What I love about Summa the most is the care they place in every individual student. Over time, I felt like the teachers and the staff cared about me like a friend instead of just a client. Their motivation has always been the students' success and the results speak for itself. I attribute a lot of my success to their passion for educating and for helping me achieve my full potential. "

Summa Alum Christina Cheng

"Summa is in one word: amazing. The staff supplies you with all the resources any competitive high schooler could want: incredible teachers, personalized college counseling, helpful study tools, and a great environment. The teachers probably constitute 90% of what makes Summa so great. All of the teachers I’ve had are knowledgeable, engaging, funny, caring and supportive. They will stay after class and answer an individual grammar question you’re stuck with, give you their email if you want feedback on a practice essay you have written, spend time with you if you don’t understand a math question, tell you hilarious stories, and offer extra one hour vocab review sessions among hundreds of other things they try to do to help you reach your goals."

"Honestly, these teachers are so good that I didn’t even want to leave class after it was over! My teachers worked with me to meet my needs, and I believe that their personalized education is what makes Summa stand apart from all the other test prep classes out there."

Summa Alum Nathan Ng

"I am a junior at Ranch Bernardo High School and one of the many perfect scorers on the SAT. With a busy schedule including leading my school's Science Olympiad and Varsity Water Polo team, fitting in time to study the SAT was a difficult task, but Summa was able to accommodate my schedule and give me the most efficient help."

"The teachers and staff strive to make it their goal to ensure that test prep is not only a gratifying experience but also an educational one. Amidst all the laughing from Stephen's lame puns, I almost forgot I was in a class to prepare for the SAT."

Summa Alum Jacqueline Peng

"At the time, I dreaded the whole summer of four-hour long classes I had ahead of me when my parents signed me up for Summa. However, when I got there I came to realize that Summa wasn't your typical SAT prep place. I was not only learning a lot but also having a great time every single time I went! The teachers are not only experts in their respective subjects, but each and every one of them is also dedicated to teaching every student as much as he or she can. Not only that, but all of the teachers and counselors are just great people in general who make classes entertaining and fun. They made preparing for the SATs exciting and enjoyable and I stopped dreading the classes and embraced them because there was no suffering involved and I had a lot of fun on top of learning a ton of vocabulary that I'd never even heard of before."

"I have each and every staff member to thank for the outstanding score I got on my SATs and the amazing experience I had at Summa, and I cannot even begin to thank them enough."