Office Hours at SummaWe are a thinking company.

Rather than tricks and short-term strategies, Summa focuses on skills-based learning that builds deep critical reading, grammar, and math competency.  During an initial counseling session, a senior counselor develops a plan which best suits each student's individualized needs. We offer a variety of programs for students between grades 5 and 12, from junior programs focusing on writing, literature, and mathematics enrichment to highly individualized SAT and ACT study, and subject study.

College Admissions and Essay Counseling:

Our senior educational team works with students to identify the best means of conveying their unique talents and attributes.  We have expertise with the Common App, UC applications, and other institutions with specialized requirements.  

SAT Test Preparation:

 Our team has years of experience helping students to perform their best on the SAT. 

Subject Test Study: 

 Summa teachers are among the best in their field, and will assist your student with preparation for their academic classes and subject tests. 

Private Tutoring: 

 Depending upon family and student needs, timing and geographical location, we can arrange one-on-one tutoring with experts. 

Financial Aid Counseling: 

 At Summa, we believe planning on financing your student's education is part of a larger college strategy, and we have the experience to help your family make informed and wise choices and plans to achieve your college goals. 

Academic Enrichment: 

 Students can find a variety of engaging classes with experienced instructors, all while building meaningful reading, writing and mathematics skills.  Rather than rote memorization, Summa classes promote a passion for learning.