Our Approach

Summa was created by a team of educators.

At Summa, there is no such thing as an “SAT tutor”—we hire teachers who are professionals in their field. Every student has a separate teacher for Critical Reading, for Math, and for Writing. You wouldn’t expect your college English Professor to teach your Calculus class, would you? At Summa, your Critical Reading teacher focuses on Critical Reading—and there’s a good chance he or she has extensive experience teaching undergraduates at UCLA or UCSD. Our teachers are real teachers—never college students or jacks-of-all-trades.

Talented educators demand the very best in curriculum, and at Summa, we have developed exceptional materials and curriculum which are unique to Summa. Our curriculum department is composed of dozens of teachers and creators who have decades of combined experienced with the SAT, ACT, and curriculum in general. There is no book or online source for the bulk of our material—it can only be found at Summa. To provide this individualized support, Summa employs a significant number of full-time teachers. As a company dedicated to education, the heart of Summa is our teaching staff.

Having both full-time and part-time Summa faculty allows us to offer consistent quality instruction, to oversee and continually develop new curriculum and improve pedagogical methods, and to constantly improve our core mission as a teaching company.