Summa Junior

Summa Junior classes are offered year-round as an option for students in Grades 5-10 to bolster fundamental reading, writing, grammar, and problem solving skills and to provide them with the academic tools needed to reach their goals in their classes at school and in the future.

5/6 and 7/8 Writing/Literature Intensive: 

These engaging classes offer students a chance to work on crucial reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Formal instruction in academic writing will be taught along with literary analysis and higher level cognitive thinking. This class involves lots of reading and writing, but also experiential activities involving oral presentations, skits, art projects, and other mediums that are both fun and and instructive.

9/10 PSAT Writing/Literature Intensive: 

Most 9th and 10th graders need work on advanced verbal skills--making logical inferences, understanding tone, and comprehending main ideas--which are skills that can be gained only through reading. But they also need to focus on grammar, vocabulary, and gaining comfort with the format of standardized questions. This challenging class combines work with verbal elements of the PSAT and critical analysis and discussion of novels and non-fiction literature, taught by former UCSD literature and writing instructors. 

Math Enrichment: 

Summa’s challenging Math Enrichment courses are intended to provide students with the necessary tools they need to successfully master concepts and achieve exceptional grades, laying the foundations for advanced problem solving. During the school year, this program provides students the opportunity to to gain a deeper understanding in their respective math subjects taken at school. During the summer, the Math Enrichment courses are available to students who wish to gain a preview of their upcoming math course.