Writing/Literature Current Books

5/6 Writing & Literature: 

Session 4 - November 10th - December 12th: Julie of the Wolves 

Julie of the Wolves is an amazing adventure of a 13 year-old Eskimo girl who is transformed through a series of harrowing experiences: sharing food with wild wolves, losing both of her parents, and enduring an arranged marriage to a boy of 15 who treats her poorly. In our classes, students will learn about Julie's unique culture and environment, and practice key reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

7/8 Writing & Literature: 

Session 4 - November 10th - December 12th: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone is a precocious teen with a penchant for the law. He loves to spend time in his parents' law office, and he is fascinated by the courtroom. Though he is unable to practice "real" law, he takes an active interest in helping his friends and others around him solve their legal situations - but can he take on a murder case? Our classes will delve into Theo's adventure, practicing argumentative writing and evidence analysis along the way.

9/10 Writing & Literature: 

Session 4 - November 10th - December 12th: Pride and Prejudice

Witty, challenging, and unforgettable, Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice is the perfect book to wrap up the fall with. Under the guidance of Summa's experienced instructors, students will learn to parse Austen's complex but incredibly funny prose, all while getting one of the most important books in the Western canon under their belts. Our classes will also practice essential writing, grammar, and PSAT skills.

Writer's Workshop: 

Session 4 - November 10th - December 12th: Literary Analysis 

Have you ever been asked to write "literary analysis" in an English class? Have you ever wondered exactly what that meant? This class is designed to give students a solid understanding of literary analysis and to help them build the skills they'll need to write well in a format they'll use in Honors and AP English classes throughout high school. Over four consecutive Saturdays, we'll explore ways to construct a literary analysis essay, including how to analyze a text, develop a thesis, plan an outline, and quote effectively from source material.