Program Overview

summascreenshots19-testCollege Application Workshop Program: 

Summa’s talented team of Senior Instructors work with students to identify the best means of conveying their unique talents and attributes. We have expertise with the Common App, UC applications, and other institutions with specialized requirements.

SAT Test Preparation: 

Our team has years of experience helping students to perform their best on the SAT. Rather than tricks and short-term strategies, Summa focuses on skills-based learning that builds deep critical reading, grammar, and math competency. Subject tests preparation is also offered, and one-on-one tutoring can be used to supplement core classwork. 

ACT Test Preparation: 

Summa's team of master teachers has years of experience helping students reach their best scores on the ACT. Our proprietary curriculum are strategically designed to provide students with the confidence and skills to excel in all ACT test subjects. Each week, students will take a 3.75 hour practice exam and attend 8 hours of classes in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the advanced concepts needed to achieve top results on the ACT.

Subject Test Study: 

Summa teachers are among the best in their field, and will assist your student with preparation for their academic classes and subject tests. For students currently taking AP courses in Chemistry and Calculus AB, Summa’s AP Intensive Review programs are intended to bolster confidence and prepare students for the exams. Students engage in challenging discussion and lectures in addition to applying skills and concepts to the AP exams. Taught by award-winning AP teachers and talented instructors, these courses are designed to dovetail with the SAT Subject courses.

One-on-One Tutoring: 

Depending upon family and student needs, timing and geographical location, we can arrange one-on-one tutoring with experts.

Financial Aid: 

At Summa, we believe planning on financing your student's education is part of a larger college strategy, and we have the experience to help your family make informed and wise choices and plans to achieve your college goals. Summa Education was created to offer the highest quality curriculum, guidance, teaching and support services to families. Our team's past success in this field with thousands of students is now put to work to offer you a complete package, from planning, to test prep and financial aid. Call our office to arrange a meeting with a counselor.

Summer Boot Camp: 

This class is our most intensive and most popular SAT program, focusing equal attention on the Math, Critical Reading, and Writing portions of the SAT. Students in Summer Boot Camp engage in daily practice and daily interactive lectures; for serious students hoping to make significant advances on the SAT, this is often the best type of class. No one offers a more intensive--or effective--way of preparing for the SAT.

Summa Summer and Weekend SAT: 

These classes are a good fit for busy students who cannot devote five days a week to test prep. We provide equal attention on Critical Reading, Writing, and Math in an engaging, small classroom environment.

5/6 and 7/8 Writing/Literature Intensive: 

These engaging classes offer students in Grades 5-8 a chance to work on crucial reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Formal instruction in academic writing will be taught along with literary analysis and higher level cognitive thinking. This class involves lots of reading and writing, but also experiential activities involving oral presentations, skits, art projects, and other mediums that are both fun and and instructive.

9/10 PSAT Writing/Literature Intensive: 

Most 9th and 10th graders need work on advanced verbal skills--making logical inferences, understanding tone, and comprehending main ideas--which are skills that can be gained only through reading. But they also need to focus on grammar, vocabulary, and gaining comfort with the format of standardized questions. This challenging class combines work with verbal elements of the PSAT and critical analysis and discussion of novels and non-fiction literature, taught by former UCSD literature and writing instructors. 

Summa SAT Essentials: 

These 9-week programs are ideal for students who are searching for the best school-year program to prepare for Winter and Spring SAT tests.

Writer's Workshop: 

Many students love to write, but few have had the experience of writing like professionals. Through this course, modeled on college-level creative writing workshops, students experience the kind of sustained, focused attention to their work that will enable them to turn good writing into great writing. Students research the publishing world, and delve into several examples of the best, current work in their genre -- all while crafting and revising their own short story or essay. Each student will have the opporutnity to publish his or her work in Summa's own literary journal, Sage.

Math Enrichment: 

Summa’s challenging Math Enrichment courses are intended to provide students with the necessary tools they need to successfully master concepts and achieve exceptional grades, laying the foundations for advanced problem solving.